Trees we love

Quarantine Buddy

I didn’t really know anything about the California Buckeye at first. All I knew was that when I stared out the window in quarantine isolation on campus at Stanford, it was always there.

By Lauren Pitzer

Xepý-ilhch: The Family Tree

I am discovering that the loved ones we grow up with often have secrets nestled in their past, that they are not always who they present themselves to be or as innocent as they appear. Xepý1 is no exception.

By Tida Rau

Perhaps the World Begins Here: Communing with coast live oak

…Eventually, I realized that my tree wasn’t one of the individuals or species I kept going to—it was the one to which I always returned.

By Brennecke Gale

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A Girl, A Chinese Tallow Tree, and her Childhood Home Walk into a Pandemic…This Chinese Tallow Tree (Triadica sebifera) is a deciduous tree species native to central China.

By Alyssa Fuentes

The Meyer lemon

But this essay is about Meyer lemons, and what do Meyer lemons have to do with my experience of being mixed race, right? As it turns out, Meyer lemons are a cross between mandarin oranges and lemons, with a few evolutions over time.

By Sarah Taylor

The largest known living thing on Earth: Populus tremuloides

Have you ever been in a car looking out the window and spotted a group of trees with leaves that seem to be trembling in the wind?

By Devin Hagan.

Appreciating my eccentric natural friend: the monkey puzzle tree

To say I’ve been oblivious to nature most of my life would be an understatement. I grew up in a suburb of New Jersey.

By Ruhi Kanwar

Pinus jeffreyi: Resilient West Coast Pine Trees
Stand at El Dorado Beach, near the southern tip of Lake Tahoe, and let the view take your breath away. Watch the sunlight glitter off the clear blue water extending out for miles, culminating in a snow-capped mountain ridge.

By Max Moss

An ancient soul: the olive

Olea europea, the olive tree, is an ancient tree with artfully twisted bark, gently draping branches, and both historically and contemporaneously significant fruits.

By Kahlan Martin

The tall mysterious stranger

We had been hanging out together off and on for nearly three years before I learned anything about D.R.’s backstory. The way my botany professor told it, D.R. was dead, and everyone knew it.

By Katherine Preston

The One You See at Coupa: Eucalyptus sideroxylon

Its thick, twisted, and somewhat blackened trunk holds up low hanging leaves which cascade over Coupa. They sway slowly against the blue sky along with vibrant pink flowers – a peaceful contrast with the world below

by Shridhar Athinarayanan

Charlotte: a biography

Imagine dubbing a tree after a berry that the tree doesn’t even produce. It’s ironic isn’t it? Arbutus unedo, the “strawberry tree”, is a broadleaf evergreen in the Ericaceae family.

By Alicia Evan